David Fotland

Email address: fotland@smart-games.com
Residence: 4863 Capistrano Ave. San Jose
State: CA 95129-1031
Country: USA
Phone: (408)985-1236
Birthday: September 25, 1957

My Family:

I was born, and grew up in the east side suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. I have 2 younger sisters, and two much younger half-sisters.

I met Wendy Rubin on May 31, 1975, at a high school graduation party, and we were married on May 15, 1982.

We have two sons, Jonathan (born March 6, 1990), and Alexander (born October 25, 1992).

My Education:

I went to Hawken school from 3rd grade through high school on a scholarship. I won a 4 year, full tuition scholarship to Case Western Reserve University and received a BS Electrical Engineering in May, 1979, and a MS in Computer Engineering in August, 1979. I wanted the masters degree, but the scholarship was only for four years, and my part time jobs only brought in enough money to pay room and board, so I had no choice but to finish the MS and BS in 4 years. I was (and am) very interested in both hardware design and software development. I knew I could do software on my own, as a business and hobby, and that I could never afford to do any significant hardware project on my own, so when I graduated I only looked at hardware design jobs.

My Career:

I worked for Hewlett Packard (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise) from July, 1979 to December 2000. My areas of expertise were processor instruction sets, multiprocessor cache coherency, VLSI chip design, mutiprocessor system performance analysis, system modeling in C and C++. The products I worked on at HP were mostly been servers aimed at commercial data processing, including the HP1000 A series, HP9000/840, the HP3000/930, the Emerald and T500 systems, the K class servers, and Superdome servers. I led the design of the Superdome high end server chipset. Projects I have worked on include:
From late 2000 to mid 2011, I was Chief Technology officer at Ubicom (Wikipedia on Ubicom). We developed chips and software to enable the low cost devices to use the internet to connect to anything.
Since January 2012 I have been working on device software at Amazon/Lab126.

My Business

I wrote "The Many Faces of Go", one of the strongest and most popular computer go programs. My business, Smart Games, publishes The Many Faces of Go for Windows XP through Windows 10 (and later). The same engine is used in the popular Igowin iPhone apps.

My Hobbies:

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