Arimaa Version 2 Software Download

Arimaa registration does not work on Winodws 11. Do not buy it if you plan to use Windows 11.

If you like strategy games you will love Arimaa. It is a two player game designed by Omar and Aamir Syed to be difficult for computers and fun for people. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master.

This program is the two time world computer champion Arimaa program. At the Arimaa site it plays under the names bot_bombCC2004, bot_bomb, and bot_speedy. Play Arimaa against the computer with great graphics. The free download includes the rules, and will play against you using a very weak version of the computer player, so you can learn the basics. When you can beat this player, buy the registration code, and the full strength computer opponent will challenge you for years. The full computer opponent can be adjusted to give you an interesting game as you improve. It can analyze positions and give hints and advice about games you play at the Arimaa game site. Registering also allows you to save game files.

This is free copyrighted software. You may give it away or sell it. I encourage others to link to this download page. You are not allowed to modify the program or reverse engineer it.

The registration code you purchase is for your own personal use, and should not be shared with others. The registration code algorithm has changed. If you purchased version 1 of this program, send me an e-mail at, and I will send you a version 2 registration code for free.

Click here to download (about 420 KB). This is a zip file containing a single executable (arimaa.exe). Save arimaa.exe in a folder (C:\arimaa, or C:\program files\arimaa). It does not make a desktop shortcut or a start menu entry. You can make a desktop shortcut by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting new shortcut, and selecting the arimaa.exe file from the folder where you saved it.

Get a registration code to unlock to the full power of the computer opponent. Click the Buy Now button to purchase ($19.95). your registration code will be emailed to, typically within one business day.

The Arimaa game site. Play on-line.
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